App Programming

For all common mobile operating systems, especially for Android. We will supply you with concepts and visions that will lead to the app of your goals. Our IT Consultants are keen to develop ideas and designs for you.

Native and crossplattform development

Give space for individual concepts and creative realizations of ideas

Consulting by IT experts

Microsoft Office Macros and Addins

such as Excel, Word and Access to facilitate your office work by automatizing complex processes and to enable a faster workflow for your everyday business. With our customized solutions, we improve workflows which are not adequately personalized and cost you valuable time. Our innovative solutions make it possible for you to focus on the important tasks instead of worrying about unconstructive details.

Eliminate time and energy consuming workloads

Simplify your daily business through automatization

Boost efficiency through spare time for the core business

Websites and Webapplications

Homepages and Webapplications, creatively and professionally designed to meet your expectations and realize your goals. A comprehensive consultation will focus on your individual demands and can point out multiple possibilities, in case you are not yet set on a specific idea. Together we will develop your online presence.

 Represent your business and product online

Facilitate your and your employees handling with new content

Implement complex processes such as online shops


include professional queries and views. Databases enable you to handle large and complex amounts of data that cannot be managed with programs like Excel alone. Moreover, our database systems facilitate the compilation of required profiles or data complexes.

Display complex information pools in a clearly arranged way

Offers the highest security for your data

Enables multiple users for one document as well as a simultaneously use